Vicki Hall Hi,
I'm Vicki, after deciding what I would like to do, I've become a mature student and I'm studying Marine Conservation. Which I am loving. I have a real passion for sharks, rays and cetaceans. And wanted to help make a difference. So I'm taking on the big challenge of running the Plmouth Half Marathon in May.
Sharks have lived in our oceans for over 400 million years. Well before even the dinosaurs roamed the earth!

But, today, many species are under threat. Almost 1/4 of all shark species worldwide are now threatened with extinction. That makes them one of the most endangered groups of animals on our planet!

Sharks are incredible animals and without them marine ecosystems face an uncertain future. That's why I'm helping the Shark Trust to safeguard their future with this fundraiser. I'm aiming to raise £500 to support the Shark Trust work.
I have been training hard for the half marathon, which in itself has been a big challenge but I am determined to do it for the sharks.
So I'm asking you to support me, by donating and together we can create positive change for sharks.
Thanks for your support!
Vicki Vicki Hall