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Adopt No Limits?

Did you know that some species of sharks in EU waters are in big trouble due to overfishing!

There are currently no catch limits for Blue Sharks, Shortfin Makos, smoothhounds, catsharks and Tope, which means that fisheries can catch as many as they like and the numbers being caught are soaring.

When you adopt the No Limits? sharks, you will be supporting the Shark Trust’s No Limits? campaign, which aims to stop the uncontrolled fishing of these sharks.

Adopt all of these sharks today, for just £20!

Blue Shark © Charles Hood.

Blue Shark © Charles Hood.

Shortfin Mako Shark © Charles Hood.

Shortfin Mako Shark © Joe Romeiro.

Smoothhound Shark © Peter Verhoog, Dutch Shark Society.

Smallspotted Catshark © Dave Peake.

Smallspotted Catshark © Sally Sharrock.

Tope Shark © Matthew Meier.

Tope Shark © Charles Hood.

The No Limits? adoption pack includes:

  • Personalised certificate
  • A4 picture of a Blue and Shortfin Mako Shark
  • Factsheet about all No Limits? sharks
  • Leaflets about other Shark Trust projects
  • Car sticker
  • Bookmark
  • Set of 8 postcards