[Berty the Basking Shark © Shark Trust.]

Berty the Basking

Berty is a vegetarian. He enjoys being sociable but feels it’s important to have some alone time and will go on long swims to think. He is very philosophical and enjoys pondering the meaning of the ocean. He’s often so lost in his thoughts that he provides an easy target for young pups, who find it hilarious to jump out from behind rocks to startle him. He loves to visit the UK but finds it can be quite cold there, so will only visit in the spring to summer months, where he glides, in peace, along the surface of the water soaking in the sun’s rays and the beautiful coastline views.

Basking Shark Facts:

➤ Although Berty is a vegetarian, Basking Sharks eat plankton.

➤ The Basking Shark is the second largest fish in the sea and can grow up to 12 metres long.

➤ Basking Sharks have huge livers that account for up to 25% of their body weight; this helps them float.

➤ The Basking Shark is listed as 'Vulnerable' under the IUCN Red List.

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