[Basking Shark © Charles Hood.]

Adopt a
Basking Shark

Did you know the Basking Shark is the largest fish in UK waters?

When you adopt a Basking Shark with the Shark Trust you will be supporting our Basking Shark Project, which records sightings of this magnificent animal from around the UK coastline and beyond.

While most Basking Sharks look very similar, some have unique colour markings or injuries and can be identified from a single photo. The Shark Trust Basking Shark Project collects photographs of Basking Sharks and stores them on an electronic database. Researchers can then compare photographs and find out where these sharks have travelled.

Meet some of the sharks you will be helping:

  • Badge is 7m long with a distinctive badge like marking on the left side of the dorsal fin.
  • Biscuit is 7.5m long and named after a tiny semi-circular cut on the tip of the tail that looks like a bite from a cookie!
  • Curly is a large Basker with a huge dorsal fin that has a crooked front and a curly tip.
  • Diamond is 7m long with two large triangular cuts on the back edge of the dorsal fin.
  • Rooster is a young shark, 4m long with a split dorsal fin that resembles a rooster’s comb.
  • Stumpy is 8m long, with a jagged 25cm stump on her back, possibly caused by a collision with a boat whose propeller took off most of her large dorsal fin.

The Basking Shark adoption pack includes:Basking Shark Adoption Pack.

  • Personalised certificate
  • A4 picture of a Basking Shark
  • Factsheet about the Basking Shark Research Project
  • Leaflets about Shark Trust projects
  • Car sticker
  • Bookmark
  • Set of 8 postcards