[Smallspotted Catshark © Dave Peake.]

Shark Stories

Shark Trust supporters have kindly written the following short stories for you to download and enjoy:


Adam and the Embryo by Cathy Watts

The lonely figure of the young boy Adam could be seen that day sitting on the sea wall which separated the promenade from the beach. He sat by himself, staring out at the water, looking neither to the right nor to the left but always straight ahead. His thoughts were his alone and he liked it that way...

Download Adam and the Embryo (pdf)


Blue Shark © Linda Pitkin.The Last Shark by P.J.Vanston

“A shark? Are you sure?” Kai could hardly believe what he was hearing. “Are you absolutely sure?” Li Ying said he was. It looked about two metres long, he said. It was incredible news: not only had the fishermen caught a shark, but it was still alive and being held in a tank at the docks...

Download The Last Shark (pdf)