[Boy watching shark in aquarium © Frank Hoefken.]

Take Action

Many types of sharks are now facing extinction but if we act now we can stop this before it’s too late. You can help sharks in the following ways:

  • Get involved with our No Limits? campaign, which is supported by Steve Backshall, and help us stop uncontrolled shark fishing today!
  • Become a junior member of the Shark Trust – keep up to date with all the latest shark news and campaigns.
  • Ask your parents/guardians not to buy any shark products such as shark fins, shark liver oil or shark cartilage pills. Shark liver oil may be labelled as squalene/squalane/chondroitin and can be found in many products including; moisturisers, deodorants, sun tan lotion, lip balms, lipsticks and other cosmetics.
  • Adopt a shark - choose from a Basking Shark, White Shark or Whale Shark.
  • Organise a fundraising event at your school or local club. Remember to send us photos of your event so we can post them on our Fundraisers Wall of Fame.
  • Spread the word about shark conservation.
  • Go eggcase hunting at your local beach, either with your school or parents, and report your findings to us.
  • Keep an eye out for Basking Sharks in the Spring/Summer months. If you think you have spotted one let us know.
  • Write us a letter or poem about why you love sharks to inspire others.
  • Create some shark art for our online gallery and take part in the Big Draw with the Shark Trust.

Everyone can make a difference and help save sharks. Thank you for your support!