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Many sharks species are facing extinction. But, if we act now, we may be able to save them before it’s too late. You can help by:


Tell your friends and family how amazing sharks are. This may encourage them to also get involved with shark conservation. The more support we have the bigger impact we'll have.


Many products don't clearly label shark ingredients. So, a lot of people don't realise that they could be buying shark products! The sharks used are likely to have been caught by fisheries that overfish sharks. So, we recommend avoiding these and checking product labels carefully. Look out for:

Shark Meat & Fins - we recommend buying sustainably sourced fish. This'll encourage fisheries to fish our seas responsibly.

Shark Liver Oil - found in many cosmetics. Including, creams, deodorants, sun tan lotion and lipsticks. Often labelled squalene, squalane or chondroitin.

Shark Cartilage - sold as a health supplement.

Shark Leather (shagreen) - used to make wallets, shoes, bags and furniture. Popular in the United States, northern Europe and Japan.

Shark Teeth & Jaws – These tend to come from unsustainable fisheries that kill sharks for their teeth and jaws, so should be avoided. Fossil teeth or replicas are fine.


Organise an event at your school or local club. Remember to send us photos for our Fundraisers Wall of Fame gallery. This is a great way to spread awareness and raise money to help sharks.

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Search your local beach for washed up shark eggcases. Get your whole family involved or why not suggest a school trip? This fun research project helps us find out where sharks, skates and rays are laying their eggs. So we can protect these areas.

Find out more about our Great Eggacse Hunt Project


Get involved with our No Limits? campaign. Join us and Steve Backshall to help stop the overfishing of sharks.

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Keep an eye out for Basking Sharks between May-October. Each year they visit UK waters to feed on Plankton. Tiny microscopic plants and animals that float in the water. If you're lucky enough to spot one, record your sighting on our database.

Find out more about our Basking Shark Project


We always love to hear from you. And you could end up featuring in our Shark Focus magazine. Why not write us a letter or poem about why you love sharks? Or send us your amazing shark art for our online gallery. 

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On behalf of all sharks around the world - thank you for caring and for all your help! You’re support makes a big difference.