Berty the Basking Shark:

Always eats with his mouth wide open
When told off he swims away moping
Basking in the sun, soaking up rays
This is how he loves to spend his days


A big shark with an even bigger appetite.

At times, Berty enjoys being sociable but loves his alone time too. He’ll often go on long swims to think. He enjoys pondering the ocean and is often caught deep in thought. Young pups find it hilarious to jump out from behind rocks to startle him.

Berty loves to visit the UK. But only in the summer, when it’s warmer. He loves to swim at the surface of the water soaking in the sun’s rays and the beautiful coastline views. So keep an eye out for him to say hello!


Basking Sharks:

  • Are the 2nd biggest fish in the ocean and can grow up to 12m long!

  • Eat Plankton. Tiny microscopic plants and animals that float in the water.

  • Only close their mouth to swallow food.

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