Big Wild Thought

We’re thrilled to be working with Big Wild Thought to further shark conservation. They've added two new shark designs (mako & hammerhead) to their clothing range to help raise funds for our work. Read more

Eighteen Shark & Ray Species Granted New Global Trade Controls at Wildlife Conference

Makos, Wedgefishes, and Giant Guitarfishes listed under CITES with support from more than 100 countries. Read more

Shark Focus Magazine – Issue 62 – Out Now!

The summer issue of our Member's Magazine is out now and - thanks to a branding makeover - it’s looking sensational! Read more

Scientists Issue Grim Status Update on Atlantic Mako Sharks

A new report shows that the overfished North Atlantic Shortfin Mako Shark population is continuing to decline and needs not only immediate protection but several decades to recover. Read more

Full Protection for Angel Sharks in the Canary Islands

The Spanish Ministry of Ecological Transition has announced today that angel shark populations are fully protected in the Canary Islands, through inclusion on the Spanish Endangered Species List. Read more

Landings of Endangered Rays in Tunisia Denounced

Conservation groups are calling for answers and action in relation to the landing of Endangered Giant Devil Rays in Kelibia, Tunisia, in contravention of international agreements to protect the species. Read more

Initiative launched to Avert Crisis for Critically Endangered Mediterranean Angel Sharks

Just five days after the IUCN reconfirmed all three species of Mediterranean angel sharks are Critically Endangered, regional and international experts gathered together in Tunisia. Read more

World’s Fastest Shark Headed for Disaster

Fishery Managers’ Failure Leaves Overfished Makos in Dire Need of EU & International Action Read more

Stronger Finning Ban Agreed for Mediterranean Sharks

General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean Adopts Best Practice “Fins-Attached” Landing Rule Read more