This remarkable little shark is perhaps best known for their ability to crawl out of the water to access isolated rock pools. But the Epaulette Shark has a few more tricks up its sleeve! They can survive for extended periods in severely oxygen depleted water by increasing blood supply to their brain and shutting down non-essential brain functions. And, although capable of swimming, Epaulette Sharks seem to prefer ‘walking’, bending their body from side to-side and pushing off of the bottom with their pectoral fins.

  • SCIENTIFIC NAME: Hemiscyllium ocellatum

  • FAMILY: Longtailed Carpetsharks

  • MAXIMUM SIZE: 107cm total length

  • DIET: Worms, crustaceans and small fish

  • DISTRIBUTION: Northern Australia and New Guinea

  • HABITAT: Shallow, inshore waters and coral reefs

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