For a long time sharks were misunderstood and vilified. But, this outdated view is fading fast. Over the past 20 years we've seen a huge positive shift in attitudes towards sharks.

Today we're grateful to have a large (and ever growing) group of passionate shark supporters from around the world. And many occasions throughout the year, dedicated to uniting like-minded individuals and organisations in celebration of this incredible group of animals. Shark Awareness Day is one of these.


So, together, let's use this opportunity to champion sharks and help create lots of positive change for some of the ocean’s greatest wonders.

Here's 5 things we love about sharks and our work:

  1. FASCINATING & DIVERSE - Sharks, skates and rays are a diverse and fascinating group made up of over 1000 unique species. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours. Every month we showcase a different species in our Creature Feature Blog. Great or small. Charming or strange. We celebrate them all.

  2. HEALTHY OCEANS - Sharks play an integral role in keeping our ocean's healthy. They do this by keeping other populations in check and preying on the sick and old. This prevents the spread of disease and improves the gene pool.

  3. OUR WELL BEING - Many divers relay magical experiences with sharks - indeed this is often the highlight of any diving trip. Do you have an amazing shark experience to share - we'd love to hear about it? Leave a comment below.

  4. PRICELESS – Sharks are priceless pieces of nature's jigsaw - vital and valuable to our culture. We've inherited these amazing animals and we want to pass them on to future generations.

  5. POSITIVE CHANGE - While many sharks are under threat, thanks to your support our work is making a difference. Positive change is happening through collaboration and collective action. Thank you!

Happy Shark Awareness Day!


As a bit of fun we also wanted to share with you our Shark Personality Quiz, bought to you in collaboration with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Which shark are you?

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