I was thrilled to join the Shark Trust team in September 2018, I’ve always loved the oceans and I’m particularly interested in sharks. My role is developing and expanding the fundraising side to the charity, raising funds to support the work of the Trust. My role allows me to support and engage with a huge range of fundraisers, from first time runners to cyclists and shark enthusiasts. I’m enjoying working with all walks of life who want to challenge themselves and support shark conservation.

Since completing my degree in Wildlife Conservation in 2008 I’ve worked in mixed roles in environmental education and policy. Now I’m enjoying this new role, expanding my skills and learning more about the fascinating world of sharks, skates and rays!

My favourite shark is the…Blacktip Reef Shark. Mainly because that was my first encounter with a shark when I started diving, I was in awe of how peaceful and calm they were, resting on the seabed.