On Friday 26 2020 June we celebrated the first ever International Angel Shark Day, and invited you to join us!

We took the opportunity to profile the 22 different species found around the world. Half of which are listed in a threat category.

Taking to social media, we shared facts, resources, and work from different researchers and conservationists around the world.

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0900 Welcome to International Angel Shark Day!
0930 Angel Shark Project: Canary Islands Joanna Barker Angel Shark Project: Canary Islands – major achievements in the last year
1000 IUCN Shark Specialist Group Nick Dulvy Conservation planning
1030 Shark Trust Cat Gordon Mediterranean Angel Sharks: Regional Action Plan
1100 iSea Ioannis Giovos & Roxani Naasan Agah Monitoring angel sharks in the Aegean
1130 Italian National Institute for Environmental Protection & Research (ISPRA) Tomaso Fortibuoni, Simonepietro Canese & Francesca Ronchi Common, rare or extirpated in the Adriatic?
1200 Angel Shark Project: Wales Jake Davies Major outputs of Angel Shark Project: Wales
1230 Submon Alex Bartoli Getting legislation in place
1300 Shark Trust Ali Hood Message to governments
1330 Angel Shark Project: Canary Islands Maria Belén Caro Angel Shark Project: Canary Islands – where do we focus our work (presentation in Spanish)
1400 Sharks 4 Kids Jillian Morris 5 FinTastic Facts about the Pacific Angelshark
1430 Chondrolab Francisco Concha Squatina armata: Taxonomic issues on a real flatshark
1500 ProDelphinus/Universidad Cientifica del Sur Joanna Alfaro Shigueto Angel sharks in Peru
1530 Angel Shark Project: Canary Islands Eva Meyers Angelshark tagging and nursery area research in the Canary Islands
1600 Marine Biology in Libya Sara Al Mabruk Angelsharks in Libya – encouraging live release

Follow along using #AngelSharkDay and please share any experiences you’ve had with angel sharks, along with your photos and videos!

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