Nursehound Eggcase & Map

Maximum Eggcase Length: ~10cm (ranges from 9–13cm)
Maximum Eggcase Width (with keels): ~3.5cm (ranges from 3-4cm)

Range: In the Northeast Atlantic this species is present from southern Scandinavia and Shetland south to Senegal. It's also found in the Mediterranean. The Nursehound (or Bull Huss) is usually found in shallow waters close to rocky shores and is often seen by divers.
Similar Eggcase: Similar shape to the Smallspotted Catshark eggcase, but is much larger in size.
Great Eggcase Hunt Records: Verified eggcases are predominantly from the southwest of England and around the coast of Wales. In particular, large numbers are reported from western and northern Wales including from Aberystwyth and the Llŷn Peninsula. Underwater eggcases are often noted developing in large numbers close to shore.