Baby Step for Blue Sharks, New Voices Against Finning at Atlantic Tuna Meeting

Vilamoura, Portugal. November 21, 2016. Fishing nations gathered for the annual meeting of the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) have taken a small yet unprecedented step toward establishing limits on blue shark catches from the North Atlantic, but failed to act on scientific advice to do the same for the South Atlantic. Download Press Release (Word Document)

Conservationists Welcome Shark & Ray Listings at CITES CoP

Johannesburg, October 4, 2016. Conservationists are delighted that CITES* Parties have officially listed devil rays, thresher sharks, and the silky shark under CITES Appendix II. The listing proposals were supported by more than the two-thirds majority required for adoption in Committee on Monday, and finalised today in Plenary. Download Press Release (pdf)

Northwest Atlantic Fishing Countries Take Action for Sharks: Cuba & Norway Help US & EU Win Stronger Finning Ban Despite Japan’s Objection. Greenland Sharks Get Spotlight While Skates Remain At-Risk

Varadero, Cuba. September 23, 2016. In a rare vote, the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization (NAFO) has adopted a proposal for a stronger shark finning ban by an overwhelming margin, despite objections from Japan. Download Press Release (Word Document)

Angelsharks in the Canary Islands – the last hope for this Critically Endangered shark

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. June 23 2016. A major step toward securing the future of the Angelshark was taken this week. A multi-faceted group of divers, scientists and conservation organisations are working together with the Canary Island Government, National Government, and local and international shark experts to identify and address the major threats to Angelshark conservation. Download Press Release: English (pdf) | Spanish (Word Document)

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?
Leading shark charity calls for Europe to embed a ‘culture of sustainability’ in shark fisheries

March 18, 2016. On Good Friday, millions of Britons will witness the extraordinary sight of scores of sharks feeding off a floating whale carcass in UK waters. In ‘Britain’s Sharks’, the second part of a new prime-time ITV documentary, viewers will see Ben Fogle and Ellie Harrison come face to face with more than a hundred Blue Sharks that call British waters home for part of the year. Download Press Release (Word Document)

Twenty-two Shark and Ray Species Added to Scope of Global Agreement

San Jose, Costa Rica. February 19, 2016. Signatories to the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for Sharks have unanimously agreed to add twenty-two species of sharks and rays to the MoU scope, and to accept the applications of six conservation groups as Cooperating Partners in fulfilling MoU objectives. Download Press Release (Word Document)