White Skate Eggcase & Map

Maximum Eggcase Length: ~28cm
Eggcase Length (without horns): ~15cm (ranges from 12-19cm)
Maximum Eggcase Width (with keels): ~12.5cm (ranges from 10-14.5cm)

Range: Although the distribution of the White Skate in the Northeast Atlantic extends from the southwest coast of the British Isles to South Africa, this Critically Endangered species is now rarely encountered in British waters.
Similar Eggcase: The only eggcase to rival in terms of size is the Flapper Skate, which has a different colour, texture, and horn shape.
Great Eggcase Hunt Records: Most verified records are from southwest Ireland and from South Africa. Few other records have been verified but are scattered in distribution - including from Devon, Cornwall, Wales, Scotland, Fair Isle, and Sicily.