Hi, I'm Clara and I am a nature enthusiast. I am passionate about protecting and safeguarding our planet's underwater wonders. I grew up surrounded by the breathtaking shores of Madeira, an island on the Portuguese coast. The ocean has always been my refuge, igniting my fascination and love for marine life.

I have begun lacing up my running shoes and hitting the pavement to raise money to support the environment I cherish. My challenge is not just about physical endurance, but it is to raise awareness of the Shark Trust organisation. The Shark Trust is dedicated to securing the future of our ocean's amazing predators. While the half marathon seems daunting now, it is a testament to my commitment to making a difference. The conservation of sharks alongside the ocean they inhabit is not merely about protecting a species but preserving the intricate balance of marine ecosystems vital to our planet's health.

While not everyone may see the importance of shark conservation, it's a matter of personal responsibility and passion. Supporting the Shark Trust is an investment in a future where sharks thrive, ensuring that generations can marvel at the ocean's wonders. It's about standing up for those who can't speak for themselves and being a voice for the voiceless.

How can you make a difference? I'm asking for your support through a donation to help me reach my fundraising goal. Whether it's the price of a cup of tea or a more substantial contribution, every pound contributes to the fight for shark conservation and the vitality of our oceans. Let's make waves for conservation together and forge a brighter, more sustainable future.

From the depths of my heart, I extend my deepest gratitude to each supporter for standing with me in this important cause. Your generosity fuels the journey towards a world where sharks and marine life flourish.
Let's raise fins for awareness. Join the frenzy for ocean conservation with Shark Trust. Every bite counts in protecting our underwater friends! 🦈

With gratitude,
Clara Trish Trish