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First UK Basking Shark Sighting of the Year

7 April

Some very lucky locals spotted what is likely the first Basking Shark sighting in the UK this year! Whilst they’re more frequently sighted in the Northeast Atlantic from May to October, it’s not unheard of to see them earlier on in the year. This individual Basker was spotted in Falmouth Bay, Cornwall and measured 18ft. Check out the video footage of this special sighting!

South Africa’s Sharks and Rays

4 April

The first detailed checklist of chondrichthyan fishes found in South African waters has been published. The result of decades of research, this thorough list provides information on 191 species of shark, skate, ray, and chimaera from 50 families! This information is vital for developing appropriate conservation and management measures for these species in South Africa.

World’s Largest Marine Wildlife Monitoring Network

3 April

The world’s largest network of marine wildlife monitoring systems is being established by the UK. A network of underwater cameras will monitor more than 4 million square kilometres of ocean in 10 Overseas Territories, including the Cayman Islands and Ascension. The project aims to collect information from parts of the ocean that have previously been challenging to monitor. Stay tuned to see which sharks and rays are captured on camera!

Aerial Drones Capture Underwater Manta Behaviour

1 April

Scientists are using drones to capture information on the second largest Reef Manta Ray population in the world in Bird’s Head Seascape, West Papua, Indonesia. Drones are being used to identify the number and size of individuals and document interesting behaviour. Ongoing research in this region has identified over 1,300 individuals; uncovered 4 nursery areas and exciting new information on the breeding cycle of female mantas.

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