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Silky Shark Swims Record-Breaking Migration Route Of Over 27,000 Kilometers

3rd June

Animal migrations are some of the most spectacular sights the natural world has to offer, from incredible wildebeest moving across Africa to the incredible solo journeys undertaken by bird species across planet Earth. Now, a silky shark has entered the record books with a record-breaking migration that helps highlight the vulnerability of this species.

‘Where do sharks hang out?’: the race to find safe spaces for the Galápagos’ ocean-going predators

4th June

Scientists are tagging sharks to map Pacific migration routes in a bid to expand marine reserves before more of these endangered species fall prey to illegal industrial fishing

Could a great white shark really end up in the Seine?

6th June

shark in the Seine, hunting down swimmers. Sounds implausible, but that’s the premise of the new Netflix film Under Paris finning over, sorry, winning over critics. (There has been) High praise for a film that we all know, really, isn’t possible. Or is it?... Ali Hood Answers that question for the Metro.