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Greenland Sharks Have What In Their Butts?!

4th May

Greenland sharks (Somniosus microcephalus) live a very long life... but that doesn’t mean it’s a comfortable one.

Sharks Might Not Thrive In Cold Water Because Of This

7th May

In this new Nature paper, Watanabe’s team demonstrates that teleost fish have a higher metabolic rate in cold temperatures than sharks. And with this finding comes an intriguing question: could this be the reason we don't see many cold-water elasmobranchs?

New demon catshark species discovered off coast of Western Australia

10th May

The glowing white eyes of a new species of demon catshark that has been discovered in northern Western Australia could lead to a better understanding of the evolution of sharks, a scientist says. 

Hammerhead sharks are first fish found to ‘hold their breath’

11th May

Because it makes them better hunters, scalloped hammerhead sharks (Sphyrna lewini) have evolved a unique method to avoid losing body heat when they dive for prey in deep, cold waters: they close their gills.

Tiny parasites store 'black box' of information on whale sharks' diet

16th May

Researchers at The University of Western Australia and the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) tracked 72 whale sharks in WA’s Ningaloo Reef region over six years and found the ‘copepod’ parasite acts like a black box of stored information about the species’ diet and energy flow.

Tasmania's Maugean skate could become the first shark or ray to go extinct in modern times

16th May

Tasmania's Maugean skate has been around since the dinosaurs but it could become the first ray or shark in the world to become extinct in modern times as a direct result of human activity, after a new study found their population has plummeted in recent years.

UK government has launched the national Marine and Coastal Wildlife Code

24th May

Today, the government has launched the national Marine and Coastal Wildlife Code, offering guidance to help people visit the coast responsibly. It includes advice for walkers as well as for those taking part in water-based activities such as kayaking, paddleboarding or jet skiing. The Shark Trust is pleased to have offered input in respect to sharks, skates, and rays that frequent British waters. We hope this guide will encourage people to help protect vital species and habitats, while enjoying our spectacular marine and coastal environments!

Rare angel shark sighting off west coast of Ireland

29th May

Scientists in Galway have described a sighting of a rare shark off the west coast of Ireland as hugely significant. Video footage of an angel shark was recorded by a team of kayakers at Galway Bay Sailing Club, near Rinville.

Huh, Our Fake Beach Is Good for Sharks

30th May

In the Canary Islands, endangered angelsharks and European tourists are attracted to the same habitat which, for once, isn’t bad for the wildlife.