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Most dangerous areas for whale shark-shipping vessel collisions revealed

15th May

Researchers have found that heavily used shipping lanes pass through crucial whale shark feeding grounds, posing a threat to this endangered species.

How Are Scientists Solving The Mystery Of Rare Rays In India?

17th May

Marine biologists in India have used genetic tools and talked to fishermen in order to figure out how ray species are faring.

Reef sharks doubled where MPA bans enforced

20th May

A new study by more than 100 ocean scientists has concluded that Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) that impose and fully enforce bans on fishing and other damaging human activities host nearly twice as may reef-dwelling sharks as those that allow fishing. 

Scientists Track Longest-Documented Migration Of A Silky Shark

29th May

The study reveals critical insights into the behavior of this severely overfished species and emphasizes the urgent need for cooperative international management measures to prevent further population declines.

A built-in pocket protector keeps sawfish from ‘sword fighting’ in the womb

30th May

Smalltooth sawfish develop their signature, long, tooth-lined snout while still in the womb. The needle-sharp teeth are encased in a specialized sheath that prevents the rays from cutting up their mother and siblings during gestation and birth. Now, scientists have gotten their first close-up look at this built-in pocket protector.