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Monitoring Whale Sharks Using Social Media

7 October

It’s no surprise, marine animals are both costly and challenging to study. But scientists are continuing to use social media to support research into different species. From Bottlenose Dolphins in Northern Ireland, to turtles in New Caledonia, and Whale Sharks around the world.

The Wildbook for Whale Sharks utilises the well-placed diving and snorkelling community to learn more about this Endangered shark. Sighting’s data submitted by citizen scientists is made available to conservation authorities to help map global Whale Shark populations and learn more about migration routes. Allowing scientists and authorities to support ongoing work, whilst also engaging the public.

“Secretive” Nursehound Filmed in Alderney

6 October

Volunteers from the Alderney Wildlife Trust have captured some footage of a ‘secretive’ Nursehound swimming among seaweed. Listed as Near Threatened in Europe, Nursehounds are considered locally abundant in some areas of the Northeast Atlantic, but declines have been noted in the Mediterranean. Check out the video footage and for more information check out our Nursehound ID Guide.

Tiger Shark Genetics Reveal Distinct Populations

1 October

Tiger Sharks are known for their wide distribution across tropical and warm temperate oceans and their ability to inhabit a range of marine habitats. Now latest research analysing the genome of 242 Tiger Sharks across 10 regions has identified two distinct populations. The Atlantic population, and the Indo-Pacific population. This new discovery reinforces the need for population specific fisheries management to preserve the genetic diversity of this Near Threatened oceanic shark.