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Increase in Grey Nurse Sharks at Queensland Breeding Site

11 September

Researchers have recorded the greatest number of Grey Nurse Sharks in 13 years at a breeding site off the coast of Queensland. This site has been identified as the only known site where pregnant females congregate on the East Coast of Australia. Despite an apparent increase in numbers at this site, Grey Nurse Sharks are listed as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List due to fishing pressure across their range.


Critically Endangered Angelshark Filmed for the First Time in Wales

7 September

Great news for Angelshark’s in Wales after Jake Davies, Angel Shark Project: Wales Co-ordinator filmed a Critically Endangered Angelshark whilst on a dive in North Cardigan Bay. Making it the first time this species has been caught on film off the Welsh coast. The Angelshark was identified as a juvenile, proving this shark which is from one of the most threatened families of chondrichthyan in the world, is reproducing in Welsh waters. Check out the incredible footage!

New Study Reveals 37% Of All Sharks and Rays Are Threatened with Extinction

4 September

A new comprehensive study into the conservation status of ~1,200 species of shark, ray and chimaera has revealed that 37% are now directly threatened with extinction. Primarily due to overfishing. Researchers warn the number of species facing extinction has more than doubled in less than a decade, with rays identified out as the most threatened. For access to the full paper visit here.

Tiger Shark Priorities: Food Over Friends?

3 September

Previously thought to be solitary animals, new research carried out on Tiger Sharks in a popular tourist spot in the Bahamas has revealed they appear to form social groups. However, scientists found these ‘friendship’ groups become somewhat random in the presence of bait provided by tourism activities. The practice of baiting to attract sharks is a controversial topic with long term effects on the natural behaviour of these animals still unknown. Whilst this study provides further insight, more research is needed to determine long term effects following increased tourism activity.