Learning about sharks and rays is a great way to get everyone connected with the ocean. You can have fun as you learn, either at home, down the park, or on the beach.

The Shark Trust has partnered with national award-winning outdoor education provider - The Great Out-tours - to produce an exciting range of educational resources. With sharks and rays as the inspiration. From beachcombing to craft challenges, these bundles of fun will provide hours of guided learning for children and adults alike. 

Transport your children / adults in care settings, to the magical kingdom of these deep ocean dwellers! These bundles will ignite a spirit of curiosity, exploration and inspiration, to learn about & protect the sharks of our seas.

We know there's an appetite for more good quality shark-themed activities. Partnering with The Great Out-tours has been a great way for us to provide our supporters and shark fans with fun and exciting new ways to discover and connect with sharks and rays.” Paul Cox, MD, Shark Trust

Check out our current range of shark bundles below. And we've got more on the way...

All bundles are provided by The Great Out-Tours, with a donation from each registration coming back to us to support our conservation work.

"We are delighted to be working in close partnership with Shark Trust, to help safeguard the future of sharks & rays, through education. We have produced illuminating shark and ray themed activity bundles, designed to fill your families with wild fun and learning, both outdoors and in! We think you’ll really enjoy yourselves making, doing & foraging, whilst helping the conservation efforts for these amazing creatures?" John Brooksbank, Founder of The Great Out-tours

When you click through to the site you’ll be asked to register and buy your chosen bundle. You’ll then have unlimited access to the resources for as long as you like. 


Great Out-Tours Sharks & Rays LogoThe Sharks and Rays bundle is a new addition to the national award winning ‘Four Seasons Online Activity Programme’. 

It contains 4 themes each with a range of activities and resources. Each theme ends with a family quiz and completion of the bundle qualifies you for a reward.

Jaw dropping fun!

  • Using sharks and rays as the inspiration, we've crammed this bundle full of fun educational activities, targeted at primary/secondary children and adults in care and domestic home settings.

  • At home, in the garden, on a walk, in the park, or on the beach: From beachcombing to craft challenges, these resources will provide hours of guided learning. As well as mental/physical and social enrichment for children and adults.

  • Tasty treats: 4 main shark and ray ‘headline’ themes are supported with a tasty suite of activities that include age specific wordsearches, puzzles, ‘eye-opening’ educational video clips and a wildly fun family/care home quiz challenge!

  • Fintastic Learning! Each activity has curriculum and life enrichment linkage with risk-assessed educational resources.

  • Rays the roof! Complete your sharks and rays bundle and receive a certificate/reward. The Great Out-Tours and Shark Trust would love you to picture share your crafting creations!

  • Bitesize budget? The Sharks and Rays bundle costs £3.50, with a 50p donation from each registration going to the Shark Trust.

So, why not dive into the wonderful world of sharks and rays...

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“Everything was so easy to follow and with resources available to download, it meant that you could quite easily get on with things. Even my 2-year-old got involved with the activities! The boys also really enjoyed the online jigsaw puzzles and word searches associated with each activity. Actually, I think Mummy rather enjoyed those too!" Laura, Parent of four boys of varying primary ages


Ignite a spirit of curiosity, exploration, and discovery! Our mini-bundles include wordsearches, jigsaws, arts and crafts, educational videos, a family quiz and so much more. All for just £1, with 15p going to the Shark Trust!

Great Out-Tours Eggcase Hunt Logo


Join us on a magical adventure, as we explore the exciting world of egg-laying sharks and skates. We'll be heading to the beach for a spot of field-work and finding out what we can all do to help protect these incredible animals...

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Cownose Carnival! Follow a transfixing migration with thousands of these graceful ray gliders! This bundle will fill your home with ‘MOOmentus’ fun, hilarity and unlock a refreshing new knowledge. You will not look back and want to protect these marvels of our oceans.

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Great Out-Tours Thresher Shark logo


Discover the super agile, fish-herding, thresher sharks. Made up of 3 different species. With a tail like a whip to stun prey, thresher sharks can stir up dinner at lightning speed!

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Discover the incredible Port Jackson Shark. Port Jackson Sharks are UNIQUE in the natural world, laying a 'spiral corkscrew' shaped egg. Once laid the mother carries the egg in her mouth to find a craggy rock hatch site.

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