Adopt one of our set of High Seas Heroes sharks and support our Big Shark Pledge campaign. Join us on our mission to secure the future for high-seas sharks.

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Our High Seas Heroes are only available as digital adoptions. 

When you select our Digital High Seas Heroes Adoptions more of your money will go towards shark conservation and it is more eco-friendly! We will use this money in our Big Shark Pledge campaign - helping all the sharks that live on the high seas and not just the species you have selected. 

This option is available to shark lovers around the world.

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Adopt a Hammerhead Shark

Hammerhead Sharks spend a lot of their time in the high seas the open-ocean beyond national borders. Like many other species of sharks and rays. In our shared ocean, these oceanic sharks and rays face a very real threat from a huge international fleet of industrial-scale fishing vessels.

Research published in early 2021 confirmed that over three-quarters of oceanic sharks and rays are now at risk of extinction due to the destructive impact of overfishing. They have declined by 71% over the last 50 years.

The Big Shark Pledge is at the heart of our ambitious campaign. By adopting a hammerhead shark you can help us build one of the biggest campaigning communities in the history of shark conservation. To put pressure on governments and fisheries. And make the positive changes required to safeguard these awesome sharks.

Adopt a Hammerhead

Adopt an Oceanic Whitetip Shark

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Adopt a Blue Shark

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Adopt a Mako Shark

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Adopt a Devil Ray

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