Angel the Angelshark:

Angel is the colour of sand
So watch out where you stand
Buried she lies in wait then…SNAP!
Poor little fishes it’s a trap


A mischievous master of disguise

Angel has an unfair advantage when playing hide and seek. The colour and pattern of her skin looks just like the sand. She’s also very flat in shape. So when buried on the sea bed she becomes practically invisible. For this reason her friends refuse to play hide and seek with her.

So, instead, Angel delights in jumping out and startling her poor uncle Berty. Often caught in a daydream uncle Berty’s shocked expression is the most hilarious thing Angel has ever seen! It sends her into fits of giggles every time.



  • Belong to a group of sharks that look more like rays than sharks

  • Eat fish, crabs, lobsters, shrimp, sea snails, clams and squid.

  • Are ambush predators - bursting up out the sand they catch their prey in trap-like jaws

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