By Jillian Morris & Duncan Brake

Alfie Gordon with Shark Super Powers book

Review by Cat Gordon, Senior Conservation Officer (Age…ummm) and Alfie Gordon, shark fan (Age 9).

Sharks that glow in the dark… Cannibal sharks… Armour plated sharks… Rays with strange shaped saws attached to their heads… Surely these have all been conjured up by vivid imaginations? But no! These are just a few of the incredible species of shark we have swimming in our Ocean.

Shark Super Powers takes us through some of the more obscure species (including my personal favourite, the Goblin Shark which can shoot its jaws forward to catch its prey!), as well as some of the more well-known, charismatic, species. Profiling 14 different sharks in total, you can find out how each species uses their unique powers to their advantage.

The book is beautifully illustrated so you can really see each sharks character. It’s bright, vibrant, and full of fun shark facts. There may even be a few surprises in there for even the hardiest of shark fans.

But don’t take my word for it, here’s what 9-year-old Alfie has to say…

Shark Super Powers has loads of really cool facts! I didn’t know that Swell Sharks glow in the dark or that Sand Tiger Sharks can fart! The intro by Steve Backshall is really cool too.

The book tells you where in the world each shark lives and the facts are presented in a fun way that makes it great to read – they’re fast facts that are easy to remember.

My favourite shark in the book is the Shortfin Mako because it’s power is super speed!

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