As part of our 20th anniversary celebrations of the Great Eggcase Hunt we asked ChatGPT to write us a poem about this iconic citizen science project. Here is what is came up with:

Beneath the waves, where currents flow, 

Lies a world we seldom know, 

A realm of sharks with fearsome might, 

Majestic creatures of the night.


And in this realm, a mystery, 

A secret that has yet to be, 

A treasure hidden in plain sight, 

The eggcase of a shark's delight.


And so, we gather, far and wide, 

To search for eggcases, side by side, 

To learn about these creatures grand, 

And help protect them, sea and land.


The Shark Trust Great Eggcase Hunt, 

A quest for knowledge, nothing blunt, 

A chance to glimpse the ocean's soul, 

And make a difference, as a whole. 


So let us dive into the deep, 

And in this mystery, let us keep, 

The hope that we may understand, 

The sharks that rule the ocean's land.