This month we're showcasing the Epaulette Shark.

This remarkable little shark is perhaps best known for their ability to crawl out of the water to access isolated rock pools. But the Epaulette Shark has a few more tricks up its sleeve! They can survive for extended periods in severely oxygen depleted water by increasing blood supply to their brain and shutting down non-essential brain functions. And, although capable of swimming, Epaulette Sharks seem to prefer ‘walking’, bending their body from side to-side and pushing off of the bottom with their pectoral fins.

  • SCIENTIFIC NAME: Hemiscyllium ocellatum
  • FAMILY: Longtailed Carpetsharks

  • MAXIMUM SIZE: 107cm total length

  • DIET: Worms, crustaceans and small fish

  • DISTRIBUTION: Northern Australia and New Guinea

  • HABITAT: Shallow, inshore waters and coral reefs


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