This month we're showcasing 5 spookily awesome sharks in a special Halloween Creature Feature...👻😈🎃🍬

In the deepest darkest parts of our oceans lies a whole other world! One where ghosts, goblins and lanterns of a different kind dwell...


Halloween wouldn't be complete without championing the mysterious chimaera. Otherwise known as ghost sharks. Take a look at this video to see why.

These remarkable and strange deep-sea creatures are closely related to sharks. Yet remain even more of an enigma.

In Greek mythology, the 'chimera' was a mythical monstrous fire-breathing hybrid. Composed of parts from other animals. And in reality, the chimaera do display a wide range of bizarre features.

Some have the large eyes and teeth of a rabbit. Others the snout of a rhino. And some the long tapering body of a dragon. Although we're yet to discover a species that can breathe fire!

Their markings also give them a stitched-together look. A bit like Frankenstein's monster. But far from being scary we think they're rather endearing!

What do you think?


Somewhere hiding in the dark...a pink transparent shark! Like ghosts, Goblin Sharks are slightly see-through. And because of this, you can actually see their blood vessels under the skin. It's this that gives them their pinkish colour.

These bizarre looking sharks also have alien-esque jaws. These shoot out at lightning speed and with pin-point accuracy. So, any prey nearby needs to have their wits about them.


Forget pumpkins. These amazing little sharks brighten up the deepest-darkest-scariest waters by making their belly glow!

They do this to hide from predators in open water. This may seem counter-intuitive, as you'd think lighting yourself up like a beacon would draw attention. But, it actually helps conceal their silhouette from predators looking up at them from below. Their belly blends into the lighter waters above. Disappearing. Like magic.

This effective camouflage strategy is known as counter illumination.

Lanternsharks also use bioluminescence during mating, to recognise members of the same species, and to defend themselves. When threatened they'll even light up their defensive spikes - like a light sabre!


Try to avoid these little fellows while you're out trick-or-treating. For, despite their name, they aren't the bearer of sweet treats. Instead they're known for something more sinister...

These unassuming sharks may be small but they boast a mighty impressive set of gnashers. And will feast on much larger prey. Using their powerful jaws they'll chomp down on unsuspecting victims. Taking small 'cookie-cutter' shaped bites of flesh.

Larger sharks and whales beware! Even submarines aren't safe and may bear the mark of the Cookie Cutter Shark.


A huge silhouette looming up from the ocean’s depths. Some giant unworldly creature with horns. The unknown is scary. But shine the light and you’ll quickly realise it’s only a Giant Devil Ray.

These charming creatures are shy and gentle. And - although enormous - they’re filter feeders. So they only eat tiny microscopic food.

Their horns aren’t horns at all. But a set of fins known as cephalic lobes, which they use while dining on plankton, krill and small fish. When they’re not eating these point forwards resembling devil horns.

Yet these harmless rays don’t have a devilish ‘cartilaginous’ bone in their body. Quite the opposite. They’re one of the most charming and delightful fish in our ocean.


Many people still think sharks are scary but what we find terrifying is the rate at which many sharks are being overfished.

Check out our No Limits? Campaign for some truly scary stats and help us stop uncontrolled shark fishing. Before it’s too late.

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