This month we're showcasing the magnificent Spotted Eagle Ray.

As their name suggests eagle rays have all the majesty and grace of an eagle. But instead of gliding effortlessly through the sky they do so underwater. The Spotted Eagle Ray is one of the largest eagle rays with a wing-span that can stretch over 3m!

These beautiful rays are generally shy of humans. They like their own company but will also often travel in large groups to cross open water. Groups can consist of several hundred individuals. Each with their own unique pattern of white spots!

As active foragers they have a keen sense of smell. Sniffing out prey hidden in the sand, they then use their large snouts to dig them out. Their flat crushing teeth can crunch through the hardest of shells. Making short work of crabs, oysters and sea urchins.

  • SCIENTIFIC NAME: Aetobatus narinari

  • FAMILY: Myliobatidae (Eagle Rays)

  • MAXIMUM SIZE: Max wing-span 3m

  • DIET: Molluscs, crustaceans & small fish

  • DISTRIBUTION: Worldwide in tropical to warm temperate waters

  • HABITAT: Coastal, preferring shallow bays & coral reefs

  • CONSERVATION STATUS: Near Threatened

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