My name is Fern and I live in South Wales. I'm a keen eco-warrior who loves the ocean and to see the planet thrive (and a secret mermaid)! This is why I'm running the London Marathon for the Shark Trust. Sharks are fundamental to our ecosystem - they keep food webs in balance and are vital for encouraging biodiversity in our seas. Sharks and rays deserve to live peacefully and need humans to fight their corner against devastation.


This will be my first ever marathon – which is exciting and scary. Living in South Wales, I’m very lucky to have beautiful countryside close by to go running in. I started my training in September – early I know, but I was so scared that I wouldn’t be able to build up to the distance. However, I recently completed 22 miles which is the furthest I have ever run and has helped build my confidence for the big day.

I am mostly looking forward to the positive atmosphere on the day – each year I watch the marathon on the television, so I’m extremely excited to soak up the atmosphere in person. I have enjoyed training (and not found it boring like some people warned). My biggest running hack has been to listen to podcasts on my way round – my favourite being Feel Better, Live More with Dr Rangan Chatterjee. He has an episode with Hugh Brasher (co-founder of the London Marathon) which is so inspiring and I’d recommend anyone to listen. He even comments that people describe completing the London Marathon as being better than having kids, due to the sense of achievement and community from runners and spectators alike! On long runs, I have also enjoyed tucking into a peanut butter and jam bagel to help me plod round.

Personally, I am not bothered about running the marathon in any particular time – my focus is to finish and to have helped raised money for the Shark Trust. Any support is super appreciated, and if you’re there on the day, please say hello!