Chloe the Chimaera:

Chloe lives in the deep dark ocean
Far away from all the commotion
With dazzling green eyes that glow
Mysterious and shy she dwells below


An enigma of the deep

Chloe is closely related to sharks, skates and rays. She's a chimaera. Specifically, she's a Spotted Ratfish. Yet she has many names.

Chimaera are also known as ghost sharks, rat fish, spookfish and rabbit fish.

Chloe is very shy and her life is somewhat of a mystery. She lives in the oceans darkest depths and has the most dazzling big green eyes.


  • In Greek mythology, the 'chimera' was a mythical monstrous fire-breathing hybrid composed of parts from other animals.

  • The large green eyes of chimaera act just like night vision goggles, providing them with excellent vision in the dark.

  • Worldwide there are around 50 species of chimaera. Most of them have a venomous spine, which they use to defend themselves against predators.

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