Oscar the Oceanic Whitetip:

A boisterous pup with energy to spare
Always up for a challenging good dare
The tips of his fins are a dazzling white
To keep them clean takes all his might


An exuberant pup who loves adventure

Oscar is always on the go - he never, ever, sits still. Not for one second. Constantly seeking adventure, the pull of the open-ocean is strong with him and where he feels most at home.

He also enjoys playing games, particularly catch. But his enthusiasm makes him clumsy - so eager and focussed on catching the ball he often ends up hurtling head-first into stationary objects.

Ever the cheerful optimist, he's fun to be around and has many friends - just not many who share his passion for exploring vast unknown waters. Lucky for him his best friend, Scout the Shortfin Mako, thrives on adventure. The two of them are inseparable.


  • The largest recorded Oceanic Whitetip was 4m long.

  • While generally a solitary species, they may hunt in groups and will share their food.

  • Pups are born with black tips on their fins. These turn white as they get older, giving them their name ‘Whitetip’.

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