Percy the Port Jackson Shark:

In Australia Percy was born & raised
He'll love these sunny waters for all his days
Relaxing & chilling in a rock pool
Snacking on snails & crabs - this life rules!


A little shark that likes to chill

Percy loves Australia! He was born here and has no intention of ever leaving home. He loves the weather, the soft sand, the glorious turquoise waters, and all his friends and family live here too. But most of all he loves the food - it's simply exquisite. The abundance of sea snails, crabs and sea urchins (right on his doorstep!) keeps his belly full and happy.

When he's not snacking in between meals, he spends his time chilling out on the sea bed or surfing the waves. Sun, sea, surf - what more could he ask for? Percy is living his dream.


  • Port Jackson teeth are perfectly suited for crunching through hard shells.

  • They can actively pump water over their gills. So (unlike most sharks) they don’t need to keep moving to 'breathe' and can rest on the sea bed.

  • Females lay corkscrew-shaped eggcases, which are perfect for wedging in between rock crevices.

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