Wilbert the White Shark:

Wilbert the Great is very well known
Starring in films his fan base has grown
Sometimes the fame can go to his head
He loves his food & is very well fed


Wilbert is extremely famous and can sometimes let that go to his head. So called Wilbert the Great by his friends, his reputation precedes him wherever he goes.

Larger than life, he's starred in many films and received numerous awards. He loves nothing more than a good intellectual debate and is very passionate about a number of topics - particularly the theatre and good food.

Gary's curious nature and thirst for knowledge keeps his mind sharp and gives him a zest for life.


  • After a good meal, White Sharks can go up to 3 months without eating.

  • When competing for food they'll slap their tails on the surface of the water to spray their rival.

  • When turned on their back, White Sharks enter a trance-like state known as tonic immobility.

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