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I don’t know about you but I’m always being asked why we should save sharks. Ask the Great White...

Top predators of the ocean, White Sharks hunt only the fastest prey. In this case, many White Sharks hunt seals.

Now I know seals are cute, but you have to remember that seals are predators too, and they hunt fish.

Super fast and agile, once a seal gets a fish in its sights, it’ll usually catch it. So, considering that seals can reproduce really quickly, too many seals could mean no fish!!! That’s not good!

So, this is where our White Sharks step in.

Not many are fast or powerful enough to be able to hunt seals, and even then, not every hunt is a success. White Sharks usually make leaping attacks on seals from below, powering up with such force that it can lift them clean out of the water!

It’s a tough job, but Whites Sharks make sure everything from seabirds to swordfish all can get their fair share of the fishy feast! And that the seals don’t just hog it all for themselves!