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I don’t know about you but I’m always being asked why we should save sharks. Ask the Oceanic Whitetip...

A lone wanderer of the oceans, the Oceanic Whitetip has an incredibly special job when it comes to keeping fish like tuna, fit and healthy.

Oceanic Whitetips are built for chilling… taking their time and slowly, but surely, swimming across whole oceans as they hunt.

Now, while they can turn on the speed and chase down prey when needed, their preferred hunting technique is to follow vast shoals of fish like tuna and wait for a perfect chance to strike. The Oceanic Whitetip will then target those fish in the shoal who don’t look too good! Maybe they’re getting old, sick or even injured.

Fish in this state can be bad for the whole shoal! Think about it, if someone came to school with the flu, or chicken pox, you’d all be really ill. That happens with fish too, and thanks to the shark constantly tackling the weaker fish, it means the rest of the shoal can stay healthy and happy.