SHARK CONSERVATIONWhale Shark Diving © Andre Seale, Marine Photobank.


When we first began in 1997 there was little to no management for sharks, skates and rays. Public awareness and appreciation for sharks was at an all-time low. For a long time these amazing animals were misunderstood and vilified. Even today sensationalist media stories play on the 'Jaws' stereotype to sell stories. Despite this we've seen a huge positive shift in public attitudes over the past 20 years.

Today we're lucky to have a large (and ever growing) group of passionate shark supporters from around the world. We also have more engaged Government and industry. Together we continue to champion sharks and further their conservation.


Sharks are fascinating and diverse animals, but there's much more to them than that. A world without sharks would have serious consequences for marine and freshwater ecosystems. As well as, the many human communities and economies that depend on them. Diverse shark populations are important for:

  • HEALTHY OCEANS - they play a vital role in keeping our ocean's healthy. They do this by keeping other populations in check. As well as preying on the sick and old. This prevents the spread of disease and improves the gene pool.
  • OUR WELL BEING - many divers relay magical experiences with sharks. And indeed this is often the highlight of any diving trip. Research shows that experiencing nature improves our well-being. And sharks are an integral part of our natural world. We want future generations to be able to enjoy sharks and healthy oceans that teem with life.
  • THE ECONOMY - ecotourism is a growing industry. Research shows that sharks are worth a lot more alive than dead. A single live reef shark could generate $73 a day - more than $200,000 in its lifetime. Fisheries too provide jobs and income for communities. Only by managing fisheries sustainably can we ensure those livelihoods in the future.

And yet many species are in danger of disappearing from our waters. The biggest threat faced by sharks across the world is overfishing. This why we focus so much of our efforts on fisheries management. It gets right to the heart of the problem.

Our work delivers practical and effective shark conservation. Working to improve, implement and enforce legislation, and to transform fisheries. All with aim of safeguarding the future of sharks.


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