The discovery of several records of angel sharks in the Cyclades and Dodecanese Islands indicated that these areas are potentially highly important for the three species of Mediterranean angel sharks. In light of this, the Mediterranean Angel Sharks: SubRegional Action Plan (SubRAP) GSAs 22/23 (the Aegean Sea and Crete) was developed in line with the Mediterranean Angel Sharks: Regional Action Plan, aiming to advance angel shark conservation in Greece.

The Angel Shark Project: Greece was established as a collaborative project, it is led by iSea and supported by ULPGC, ZFMK, ZSL, and the Shark Trust. It has an overall aim to investigate the importance of the Greek side of the Aegean Sea for all three angel shark species present in the Mediterranean (Squatina aculeata, Squatina oculata, and Squatina squatina).

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