Cuckoo Ray Eggcase & Map

Maximum Eggcase Length: ~17cm (ranges from 15–20cm)
Eggcase Length (without horns): ~5cm (ranges from 3-6.5cm)
Maximum Eggcase Width (with keels): ~3cm (ranges from 2.5–3.5cm)

Range: The range of the Cuckoo Ray in the Northwest Atlantic extends from Norway down to Morocco, including the North Sea, Irish Sea, English Channel, and Celtic Sea. Present in the Mediterranean Sea. 

Similar Eggcase: You can identify a Cuckoo Ray eggcase by its small rounded capsule, lack of keels, and long upper horns. But if these horns are broken then it could be mistaken for the Spotted Ray.
Great Eggcase Hunt Records: The majority of verified records have been submitted from the south and west coasts of England and Wales, with sporadic reports from around the rest of the British Isles. Underwater submissions are mainly from scientific surveys in deeper water.