Flapper Skate Eggcase & Map

Previously known as the Common Skate, which is now known to have masked 2 species - Flapper Skate and Blue Skate.

Maximum Eggcase Length: ~23cm (ranges from 14–28cm)
Eggcase Length (without horns): ~20cm (ranges from 13-24cm)
Maximum Eggcase Width (with keels): ~12cm (ranges from 10-14cm)

Range: Europe’s largest skate was once widespread across large parts of the Northeast Atlantic; but it's now locally extinct from much of its former range. It's still present from Iceland, Norway, and the northern North Sea around to the western British Isles and Celtic Sea.

Similar Eggcase: The smaller Blue Skate eggcase.

Great Eggcase Hunt Records: The majority of Flapper Skate eggcases submitted have been from Orkney, indicating important grounds for this Critically Endangered species. Other confirmed reports include around Scotland (particularly the west coast) and surrounding isles, and the west coast of Ireland.