Small-eyed Ray Eggcase & Map

Maximum Eggcase Length: ~15cm (ranges from 10–20cm)
Eggcase Length (without horns): ~8cm (ranges from 7-9.5cm)
Maximum Eggcase Width (with keels): ~3.5cm (ranges from 3–6cm)

Range: In the waters of the Northeast Atlantic, the range of the Small-eyed Ray extends from the British Isles down to Morocco. Around the British Isles, it's most common in the Bristol and English Channels and is thought to be largely absent from the North Sea.

Similar Eggcase: The upper and lower horns are distinctive, but the overall shape is similar to the Thornback Ray eggcase.

Great Eggcase Hunt Records: The majority of Small-eyed Ray eggcases are reported to the Great Eggcase Hunt from the southwest coasts of England and Wales (covering the English and Bristol Channels) as well as Jersey.