Undulate Ray Eggcase & Map

Maximum Eggcase Length: ~17cm (ranges from 15–19cm)
Eggcase Length (without horns): ~8cm (ranges from 7-9cm)
Maximum Eggcase Width (with keels): ~3.5cm (ranges from 3–4cm)

Undulate Rays have a patchy distribution in the Northeast Atlantic although can be locally abundant in some areas. They're present from the southwest of the British Isles down to Senegal, including the Canary Islands and the western Mediterranean Sea. The south coast of the British Isles represents the most northerly part of their range.

Similar Eggcase: The Spotted Ray eggcase is a similar shape but is smaller and can lack the attachment fibres often seen on the margins of Undulate Rays.

Great Eggcase Hunt Records: The majority of verified records submitted are from the south coast (particularly eastern English Channel), and around the Channel Islands.