I have loved sharks for as long as I can remember. They're beautiful animals, that deserve our respect and support. Unfortunately, their home is being destroyed and we, as a species, are not taking care of them. This is a chance to try and change that, to help these fantastic animals by raising awareness and funds for this magnificent charity and the work they do to help protect our marine life.

I started participating in Duathlons in October 2018, and I fell in love with it. Back in 2012, I had an ambition to become a professional cyclist and participate in the 2020 Olympics, but that was never meant to happen. Because, last year, I had an epiphany. I decided to start running, and I soon realised that I loved both of these sports. This is when I became a duathlete, and I took the chance to pursue an ambition not only to succeed in my sport, but to use my talents and my platform to represent this charity. My ambition has taken me further than I imagined, and I have now qualified for the 2020 European Age Group Duathlon Championships, and the 2020 World Championships.

I will be proud to represent Shark Trust during these championships and, I hope, for many more in the years to come. And I urge you all to please, if you can help, donate to the Shark’s Trust. Let's help these animals, help our marine life, and come together to look after our world.

Peter Douglass