Hi, I'm Autumn, I'm 28 and an Ocean science and marine conservation student at Plymouth University. I have been a supporter of the Shark Trust for a few years and will be raising funds for them by doing a 10,000-foot skydive to get over my fear of heights, in a shark costume. (safety permitting)

When I was in Australia, I was lucky enough to be able to have some amazing experiences with Manta rays, Whale sharks, Tiger sharks, wobbegongs, reef sharks and many more. Unfortunately, this also opened my eyes to the extent of the destruction to their habitats and the fragile ecosystems they live in As well as their fishing and the widespread sale of these products. There's nothing more heartbreaking than getting in the water with a 9m whale shark that has propeller lacerations in their tail.

Sharks are older than trees; by my reckoning, we should treat them more respectfully.

please donate anything you can spare, I will be updating with pictures so hopefully that will bring a smile to your faces.

Thank you for your support :)

Autumn Hewitt