First and foremost, sharks are gooey.
They’re also extremely important to our planet.
Often painted as blood thirsty, scary, and dangerous, sharks actually play a vital role in balancing marine ecosystems.
As apex predators, they help control the populations of other marine species, ensuring the health and diversity of our oceans.
Did I mention they’re also really gooey?
Look at this one: 

Despite their gooeyness importance in our ocean ecosystems, sharks face so many threats, like overfishing, habitat destruction, and the cruel practice of shark finning.
The Shark Trust runs initiatives to protect and conserve shark populations. This involves scientific research, advocacy, and education to dispel myths surrounding sharks. It's crucial to understand that most shark species are not the bloodthirsty monsters depicted in movies but are, in fact, integral to the health of our oceans.
I’ve supported The Shark Trust since I was a child, and am doing so again when I take on the Brighton Marathon in April.
Any donations will be hugely appreciated by me and The Shark Trust as they help to fund projects focused on shark conservation, including the implementation of sustainable fishing practices, the creation of marine protected areas, and educational campaigns to raise awareness about the importance of shark conservation.
I’d love to make a difference for these gooey, misunderstood beasts. And hopefully one day we’ll see a future where sharks thrive and our oceans remain balanced and resilient. Every contribution, no matter the size, helps us to get closer to a world where sharks are celebrated and protected rather than feared.
Yours, and running laps of Battersea Park!
Cecily x 

Cecily Drey