As a scuba diver marine life, especially sharks, have been a great love of mine, and I would like to use this personal endeavour to draw some attention to the preservation of these deeply misunderstood animals.

The first time I really encountered sharks was whilst diving in the shark tank at the Singapore aquarium. I was the chubby kid who had to be told “not to cuddle the white tips”.

I’ve always seen sharks as incredibly intelligently designed, beautiful softies with the worst reputation. I believe a big part of the problem is awareness, getting people to stop using awful words like “soulless” and dispelling irrational fears set up by oh so many, admittedly fun, films.

The sad truth is too many sharks are losing their lives to over fishing and without regulations and public sympathy the oceans will lose one of their most interesting inhabitants. Fins belong on sharks and sharks belong in our oceans.

Arya Khatau