Hey I'm Natalie, I have been a huge Shark lover since I was a child. I find them absolutely fascinating and beautiful creatures.
My main goal when I was a kid was to dive with Great White Sharks, I still hope to do that one day as I could not think of more amazing life experience. Unfortunately it is with great sadness that with the rate we are loosing Sharks I fear this may never happen.

Now as a adult I feel the greatest goal would be to raise money and awareness to help protect these beautiful animals from the alarming rate on which they are being slaughtered through overfishing and habitat loss.
It is vital for sharks to survive not just for them but for healthy functioning oceans and marine life.
This is why I am taking on this challenge to help in any way I can.

So this is why i have decided to run a half marathon with my dog Penny on Sunday 2nd October. This is a new sport for my dog Penny and myself so I will be challenging for us to work and train together to complete our goal. I haven't even ran this far on my own let alone running with Penny.

This fundraising challenge is so important to me as I belive any little money and awareness that can come from it will make a step in the right direction to save our Sharks and Oceans.
Without Sharks the Oceans biodiversity will collapse and we won't just loose these beautiful creatures but many others too.

SO PLEASE 🙏 any contribution you can make towards this cause would be such a huge help. If everyone donated the price of a pint just think how much we could raise to go towards the Sharks Trust and helping make a better planet not only for us but future generations.

I thank you so much in advance!

Natalie Price