My name is Tate and though I live in Edinburgh, Scotland, I am originally from San Jose, California.

One thing you should know about San Jose that most people wouldn’t expect: it is an ice hockey city. Since the 1990s, San Jose has been home to our very own hockey team known as the San Jose Sharks. It is impossible to be from San Jose or move there without being involved in our ice hockey team in some way—sharks are everywhere. San Jose is Sharks Territory.

I have been a San Jose Sharks fan since birth. When I was 8 I started playing ice hockey with the San Jose Sharks youth program and spent the next 12 years proudly sporting a shark on everything I wore.

It is because of my love for this sport and the community that I became invested in shark conservation. I am fortunate to have grown up so close to the beach, aquariums, and marine conservation centers. I have spent countless weekends on the coast and am deeply invested in protecting our waters. I can often be seen at the ice rink or beach outings in my special shark sweatshirt that shares shark endangerment facts and am the first to advocate for these animals in every setting.

There are no “shark infested” waters, the water belongs to them.

This is why I have chosen to fundraise for The Shark Trust for my Scottish 10k entrance. I am excited to once again proudly wear a shark and support advocacy and protection for these animals.

My fundraising goal is £408 which is the San Jose area code. I am beyond grateful for any donations made to this organization as part of my participation in this race.

If you are not in the position to donate at this time, all I ask is that instead you take a few minutes out of your day to read a little about sharks, skates, and rays and all that they do for our oceans.

Thank You! Tate Archibald