SInce moving to Hastings 13 years ago, I have developed a love for the sea. Over the years I have spent many hours reading about and learning about the marine ecosystem, and marine wildlife and was fascinated by the amount of life present in the seas around the UK.
Having being bought up being told, 'Theres no Sharks in British Seas', I was under the impression, there was barely any life here. It turns out that there is over 30 species of Shark in British waters, all with unique characteristics, and in all manner of shapes and sizes. Personally, I love the Basking shark, which is the second largest shark species globally, and feeds solely on plankton.
Sharks are so mis understood and I have a real passion for doing what I can to educate the people around me. They are incredible.
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Thanks so much for reading
Rosie x

Rosie Murphy